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A Pattern Wall

  |   2014, academic, research

“A Pattern Wall” is an investigation by the students of the First Year at the Städelschule Architecture Class into the typology of the Wall.


The project took place in January/February 2014 and was led by Anton Savov from AWARE together with Ata Mansuroglu and Christian Karl of arch+lab, under the supervision of SAC’s director prof. Johan Bettum.


Under the title “A Pattern Wall” six groups of students present visions and models of inhabitable walls.

The basis of the works is an intensive investigation of the meaning of “Wall” as a paradoxical element in architecture: it divides the Inside from the Outside, means Protection and yet Constraint.
The project proposals integrate spaces, activities and experiences and articulate them without the use of architectonic elements such as slabs, columns, beams or roofs.
Behind every wall-concept there is a multitude of theoretical and practical considerations, which the students have carried out in an experimental design process.
The projects are presented by large-scale physical models and are shown at Platform SARAI during Städelschule Rundgang 2014 on 13-16 Feb 2014.


Students: Sandra Ebuzoeme, Matthias Behrmann, Nathaphon Phantounarakul, Henrik Thomassen, Sushant Jadhav, Ankit Savla, Marquez Colby, Georges Khawam, Ali Safaee, Usman Tariq, Cheriya Shiraz, Shridhar Shemoy, Satish Kumaran, Saket Katkar, Vladislav Pankin, Marwan El Midani, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Parham Mortazavian, Mehrshad Atashi, Anirudh Krishnadas, Fumihiko Tomita, Susanna Smailova, Siva Sepehry, Rajamanickam Govindarajan, Irin Siriwattanagul, Sara Torki, Pantea Khatirzadbaboli, Chakkarat Wongthirawat, Tatiana Danilova, Bhumibhat Promboot, Margarida Amial, Nour Toumeh, Yelta Köm, Han Bi, Sudipti Roychoudhury, Ilya Moiseev


photo credits: Matthias Behrmann, Christian Karl, Anirudh Krishnadas


More info about the Städelschule Architecture Class and its high-quality postgraduate master programme led by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio can be found here: