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archHackathon 2013

  |   2013, Bulgaria, events, Sofia

archHackathon: Real-time Architecture

18-20 October 2013


ArchHackathon (architecture + hacking + marathon) – a three-day game-jam event to experiment at the crossing point of architecture, the game industry and the IT field.


ArchHackathon took place on 18-20 October 2013 in studio Projectirane, UACEG, Sofia and was organized by AWARE and Sofia Architecture Week 2013.


Participants looked into the principles behind computer games and social networks and how they could be applied in the architectural design process. The topic “Real-time Architecture” suggested the creation of game prototypes that allow the players to redistribute space, resources and life styles among each other.


After the usual idea-pitching the formed teams had 2 days to develop and discuss their concepts with the mentors. The jury at the final presentation awarded the following projects:


Best Gameplay Award:

HEX-Hex Evolution XY

Team: Kiril Kiriazov, Milan Tasevski , Milka Cherepnalkovska, Simona Kabadova.


Most Complete Prototype Award:

Zombie Charger

Developer: Georgi Ivanov.


Highest Architectural Potential Award:

Home Transformers

Team: Alexander Milanov, Margarita Savova, Martin Evlogiev, Peter Petrov.


Jury members:

George Petrov (Coherent Labs), Dobroslav Dimitrov (ImperiaOnline), Moni Dochev (ImperiaOnline), Svetlin Nakov (Software University), Stephan Minkov (dontDIY), Anton Savov (AWARE)



George Petrov (Coherent Labs), Dimitar Trendafilov (Coherent Labs), Dobroslav Dimitrov (ImperiaOnline), Moni Dochev (ImperiaOnline), Stephan Minkov (dontDIY), Stoyan Nikolov (Coherent Labs), Anton Savov (AWARE), Diana Hadzhitseneva (AWARE)


Organized by: AWARE – Studio for Architecture, Sofia Architecture Week


Partners: CoherentLabs, Copycom, dontDIY, ImperiaOnline, Unity Technologies, Studio Projectirane