04 crowdsourcing the home

Crowd-sourcing the Home

  |   2015, research

The idea for “Crowd-sourcing the Home” is AWARE’s contribution to the Future Architecture Platform.

We imagined an Architecture made by 7,000,000,000 people with computer games and 3D-printing.

You can help us get selected to present this idea at a series of architecture festivals and exhibitions across Europe in 2016.

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At the beach an interesting dynamic is observed. New people arrive and find a spot they like, not too close to the others, but not too distant either. In the course of the day, the beach is portioned and re-organised into zones of leisure and pathways.

Architecture could be created in a similar, self-organising manner. We are surrounded by devices that change the temperature around us, clean our floors, and give us access to information.

A device’s range is far more important than a wall. A device’s range helps its owner appropriate a small portion of territory. Networks of devices shape the landscape we inhabit. It is ever-changing like the beach and allows a person to come or leave, while the space adapts. This continuous formation is carried out by 3D-printing robots.

The distribution of territory into a densely populated neighbourhood becomes a problem of arranging millions of devices. Solutions can be constructed by 7,000,000,000 people simultaneously using video games.

02 landscape of devices 03 a game to re-inhabit the world 04 crowdsourcing the home 05 a 3d printed inhabitable landscape