Hybrid High-rise Frankfurt

About This Project

Flow Ecologies
Master Thesis Project 2008 by Anton Savov
Städelschule Architecture Class
prof. Ben van Berkel / prof. Johan Bettum

The role of the skyscraper has always been to densify the urban fabric. But in the context of population-declining Germany densification must go beyond mere increasing of the number of inhabitants to justify a high-rise living.

Approaching the brief for “High-rise Hybrids” as an intensifier on various scales and in many overlapping environments the project “Flow Ecologies” shows an attitude to the living space as integral to its immediate natural surroundings, to the city it is plugged into and to the multitude of virtual networks crossing, originating and terminating in the site.

The programmatic arrangement was achieved by a custom developed force graph system that was snapping to inhabitants preferred locations and orientation. (Shown in the video above)

By analyzing flows on different planes of our contemporary lifestyle a complex matrix of flowcharts is constituted that underlies the logic of the design. With subtle gradients from public through semi-private to private space and with abrupt shifts of functional layers and zones the project provides for mass-personalized living nodes.

The high-rise is turned into a living hub that is in constant flux of people, goods, information, flora and fauna.