About This Project

Created as a game, the project “M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0″ aims to involve the actual users of the built environment into the architectural design from the very beginning.

M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0 is a social network of inhabitants who create their architectural environment themselves. By signing in a future inhabitant can set and expand their territory on the virtual playground of M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0, set preferences for its purpose and private settings. The walls and spaces of M.A.H.A.L.A. 2.0 emerge based on game rules.

Watch the M.A.H.A.L.A._2.0 — Demo Video.

The project was available for sign in online and exhibited at Sofia Architecture Week 2013.



Anton Savov

Diana Hadzhitseneva

Peter Petrov



Coherent Labs

Sofia Architecture Week




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