ArtScape – Shipka 6

About This Project

The building of the Union of Bulgarian Artists on 6 Shipka Str. in Sofia is in its essence and mission a national center for the production of new visual culture.


The proposal lets the “street” inside and the gallery –  to go outside the box. The total area of the six levels is treated as a continuous art-landscape for the creation, display and exchange or art in direct and dynamic connection with the street and the neighbouring institutions.


An important factor of our times which cannot be ignored is the “crowd”. If it is taken into account the crowd could turn into one of the key elements of success. In the classical scheme of a well-produced exhibition lies the network of artist, curator, building team, PR, visitors. The exhibition space is physical space with physical exhibits.

Today, online access can be easily provided, including 3D environments. The visitors could leave a part of themselves which changes the whole without replacing the main roles in the process.

The project takes into account the various types of art and their specific spatial requirements: white box, black box, low level display, hanged display, media installations, interactive installations, plinths for sculpture, video projection screens, TV screens, a floor that allows for anchoring and more.


Two to five panels of the floor structure on each of the floors are removed thus creating galleries that afford the display of larger art-pieces, visual connection between the exhibition levels and connection between ground and sky, street and roof.


The facade of the building negotiates as a veil between pure and simple form allowing the building to stand out in its environment and at the same time reveal the rich content of various events inside.



arch. Anton Savov

arch. Diana Hadzhitseneva

arch. Shima Moradi



Barak Reiser (artist)

eng. Boris Parvanov

Diana Alarkova

eng. Elena Paskova

prof. Klaus Klemp

arch. Matey Savov

arch. Penko Penchev

ass. prof. Penio Penev

ass. prof. Hristo Dobarov



May 08, 2014