Tarametric Pool, Sofia Architecture Week 2011

About This Project

Interactive Installation
at Suspacious, 2011
part of Sofia Architecture Week 2011
1-6 Nov 2011

The exhibition Tarametric Pool turns the chess board pattern of the floor in Suspacious into an analog binary pool. The installation boldly expresses the lack of visions in the computationally endowed architect when faced with the needs and questions of the regular inhabitant. The piece gives every visitor the possibility to become a visionary and share their understanding of an architecture generated and fabricated by a computer algorithm. During the opening hours the pool will serve as an interactive tare to be filled with content by the visitors. An uncanny object, designed out of formulas and deliberately left empty and pointless, is floating in the binary pool to animate and provoke the thought-process.

What would your answer be?

  • What do you drink under the shadow of triangles?
  • With whom do you flirt in a bar of hexagons with round openings?
  • What do you read on a sofa of circles?
  • What do you breathe behind a facade of pixels?
  • Where are you going on a floor of black-white squares?
  • How do you live in an architecture of formulas?
Sofia Architecture Week 2011 is curated by Hans Ibelings and Ljubo Georgiev
Tarametric Pool made possible by: Altronics Light
Photos by: Shtiliana Andonova, Nikolay Dimitrov, Stefan Gadzhovski


November 2011