Venice Art Biennale 2009 Installation

About This Project

Keep Something for a Rainy Day
at 53rd Biennale di Venezia, 2009
Making Worlds / Fare Mondi, Arsenale
Biennale Curator: Daniel Birnbaum

Project Team: Att Poomtangon (artist), Anton Savov (architect), Sigurdur Gunnarsson (structural advisor), Ron Martin (public relations)

The Arsenale section of Venice Biennale, during the summer time, exposes passer-bys to some of the most arduous heat experiences of the Mediterranean region. Keep Something for a Rainy Day cools the eager excursionist as she/he threads the far reaches of the biennale exhibition.
It is a vehicle for social interaction.

Keep Something for a Rainy Day is composed of two vertical structures, one of which is designed to spray a mist of fresh water across its surroundings while the other one offers an enclosure from the torrid sun. This refreshing ecology of microclimates is only present when users induce motion by sharing their physical energy with the installation. At the same time the space of production, i.e the zone of the pumps, is transformed into a collective space where people create climatic and social micro-environments.

In the periods when the installation is not used the micro-environments dissolve back into their surroundings as if they never existed.
As in the symbiotic relationships found in nature, both the experience of the users and the performance of the architectural space are interdependent.

With the support of:
Biennale di Venezia
State of Hessen


June–November, 2009